This exercise is a MUST for upper back development.

The eccentric supinated chin up has superior mass building qualities and and develops high levels of functional strength. Bring you chin over the bar and hold for 30secs. Then lower yourself in a slow and controlled manner.

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what a college basketball coach looks for in a recruit. Interview with Larry Lewis

What a college Basketball Coach looks for in a recruit. The interview and Podcast #6. Keith Alpert interviews Larry Lewis who is the assistant basketball coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Larry is a former assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers. Larry is a longtime professional player and a past client of Keith’s. Here is the discussion that any up-coming athlete or parent should hear. Podcast #6 Podcast Apple itunes Spotify Timestamp of the discussion; 0.58 How Larry and Keith met, and how Keith changed Larry’s body. 2.48 How long Larry played and at what age he retired.

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Get Strong Abs

Abdominal muscles support the upper and lower body increasing muscle control in running, twisting and turning motions used in sports. Athletes need strong abs for explosive performance and to help prevent injury.

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Pain in your muscles that won’t go away?

It may feel like it’s a tight muscle, and you may be trying lots of massage, or foam rolling without success? Emotions can also have an impact on what’s going on with the bodies nervous system and this can show up as a soft tissue problem or pain in a muscle or joint in the body.

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Programming tips for coaches

Contact me or email me at if you have any questions, or would like to have me design an exercise program for you and your circumstances. (Currently taking online clients so location is irrelevant).

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Sports & More article; Talking gaining strength

Antonio Davis: Strength – Morgan Campbell: A Writer on Sports and More. These days A.D. weighs 255 pounds and his body fat percentage is lower than the interest on your car loan. The Toronto Raptors power forward lives in the gym, lifting four times a week over the summer and at least twice a week during the season.

Money, CNN Article – Brothers who coach NBA players

Hoop Dreams Come True A magazine writer with Jordanesque visions but no left-handed lay-up. A couple of brothers who just happen to coach NBA players. Three long hours in the gym. Make no mistake about it, Wayne Alpert is a thinker. And he isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts either, which makes him a talker too.

Sports Illustrated – Canadians have another run at NBA title

Maple Leap By signing for five years, Antonio Davis, an emerging frontcourt star, helped Toronto lock up other free agents and assure Canadians another run at the NBA title | Sports Illustrated Vault | The questions for Antonio Davis came from members of his fan club, Club 33, who had gathered at the Toronto Raptors’ Air Canada Centre on July 29 for a postseason party. Their names–Mazdak, Ian, Su, Keyano, Raoul, Lindsey, Daniela, Hans–bespoke the multicultural mosaic of the city they call home, but their questions struck the same note: Are you planning to end your career as a Raptor? Have you had the chance


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