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Keith used to work alongside the late strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin

Keith used to work alongside the late strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin, here is his story and some of what he learnt while working with him. Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcast. Podcast on Anchor Podcast on Spotify Podcast on iTunes Click here to download the free program for Young Athletes Or join the free Facebook group. Follow me on Instagram. Watch the YouTube Channel

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What a college Basketball Coach looks for in a recruit.

Keith Alpert interviews Larry Lewis who is the assistant basketball coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Larry is a former assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers. Larry is a longtime professional player and a past client of Keith’s.

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Six Reasons Why Aerobic Work (Cardio) Is Counterproductive.

As a Strength Coach and a Personal Trainer for 25+ years, I’ve had a chance to see many fitness enthusiasts workout at many gyms in my local area and throughout the country. At any given gym or fitness center, the one thing that I notice is how you see the same people doing the same workouts month after month, year after year.

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Conventionally, when relative heavy weights are used in strength training, the repetitions are low and the rest is long. Using the rest-pause method is a highly efficient way to add volume to a workout while keeping the relative weight high.

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Ozzy Trapilo has been an Athletist and has given his all to become a standout football and basketball player. Not only has he excelled on the field, but he is an exemplary student athlete at a top high school in Massachusetts, BC High.

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