Strength Training to Reach Your Elite Level


Reach Your Elite Level with ATHLETIST Strength Training

At ATHLETIST, we will provide you with an individualized approach that will help you improve every aspect of your lifestyle. Whether you're a student athlete who wants to elevate your game to the next level, a busy professional looking to find a way to work fitness into your hectic schedule or a professional athlete wanting to gain a competitive advantage at the most elite level of your game, we can design a program to fit your demands. We have dedicated our lives to helping others attain optimal physical condition which then manifests itself into an optimal lifestyle. The consistency of our results is in-part due to our implementation of in-house muscle and body fat index testing. With these results, we are able to craft a fitness program that’s specific to your needs. We emphasize nutrition as an integral component of our process. We also utilize multi-platform communication methods to ensure you’re inspired and on-track. If you’re the type that needs a phone call or text message to find the drive to get a workout in or meet your dietary goals – we’re happy to provide it.

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Student Athletes

Strength Training for Student Athletes

Bring yourself to the next level, whether it is JV to Varsity or getting the college scholarship you've dreamed of.

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Busy Professionals

Strength Training for Busy Professionals

There's a solution for busy individuals who want to achieve success in every facet of their lives including physical fitness.

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Professional Athletes

Strength Training for Professional Athletes

We help professional athletes attain their goals through peak physical fitness and performance.

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ATHLETIST Success Stories...

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    Joe M.
    (BC High, Wrestling)

    1. Lost a year of wrestling after fracturing his back while playing football
    2. Went up a weight class to 170lb once recovered
    3. Back-to-back state quarterfinal appearances since injury

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    Alex P.

    1. Gained 12 pounds in 7 weeks while dropping 3% body fat
    2. Coaches laud his improved athleticism

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    Matt P.
    (Xaverian, Baseball: LHP)

    1. Started at 159.6 lbs. with BF 28.1%; last measured at 172.8 with BF 27.8%
    2. Showcasing at Boston College with coaches noting improved body frame
    3. Uptick in velocity

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    Connor B.
    (Silver Lake, Baseball: C)

    1. Started at 169.2lbs with BF 33.7%, last measured at 175.2lbs with BF 23.6%
    2. Chance to start this year due to improved power, hand eye coordination and quicker feet


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